Hopscotch Design Festival Panel Discussion Recap

The Reflections on In-House Design panel discussion for Hopscotch was great! There were many diverse topics covered throughout the discussion, and my favorite part was hearing unexpected similarities between UX designers working on software and designers focused on brand and marketing work. Thanks to everyone who came out to ask us questions and participate in the dialogue! Paste Magazine Design’s Hopscotch Design Festival 2014 Liveblog provided a short summary of the panel along with coverage of the full festival.


The Reflections on In-House Design panel included designers from The Body Shop, Red Hat, Counter Culture Coffee, Citrix, and IBM (I’m on the far right!). Photo by Paste Magazine Design.

Hopscotch Design Festival Panel Discussion

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion titled Reflections on In-House Design as part of the Hopscotch Design Festival. The discussion begins at 6:45 pm and ends at 7:25 pm, and will be hosted at the Red Hat building in downtown Raleigh. There’s great talent and diversity in the list of speakers for the festival, and if you’re there, stop by and say hello!

Thrilla in Chapel Hilla Cyclocross Race

I had the opportunity to design a flier for an upcoming cyclocross race that is presented by my cycling club, the Tri-Cyclists Bicycle Racing Club. The race is Saturday, October 4, 2014 and part of the Cross Central NC Series. Cyclocross is almost here, and if you haven’t experienced the camaraderie, community, and mud that comes with cyclocross racing, it’s worth checking out!

Race Flier

Race Flier