Middle School Science Standards Research

Understanding the Current State of Middle School Education
This poster highlights State (North Carolina) and National Content Standards for 7th Grade Science Students that we felt have potential to design educational tools or systems for. It also explains how we arrived at our decisions. Following the completion of the series, these posters acted as a starting point to choose what we would design as a prototype. The Standards poster is part of a series of five that includes Standards, Teachers, Resources, Setting, and Students.

Our research began my making a matrix of all State and National Standards, then assessing each standards for Design-based Learning Methods and Processes (Expert mentoring, Collaboration, Conditions scenarios, and Diagramming and Modeling) and Types of Content Knowledge (Things seen, heard or read; Theories, concepts, and skills; Enduring Understanding). The eight standards in the middle of the poster are particular standards that had potential for multiple Methods and Processes and focused on transferable ideas (Enduring Understanding).

Standards poster designed in collaboration with TJ Blanchflower.
Series designed in collaboration with TJ Blanchflower, Rachael Huston, Ariella Mostkoff, Laura Rodriguez, and Jay Vaglio.

Poster series

Poster series showing findings on Middle School Science standards, Expectations and demands on Teachers, Existing technological resources, Common classroom settings, and the current generation of students.

Full poster

Full poster on Middle School Science National Standards

Methods and processes

Methods and processes used for design-based learning

Content knowledge

Types of Content Knowledge defined by Wiggins and McTighe in their book “Understanding by Design”

Recommended standards

Recommended standards based on our evaluation of design-based learning and types of content knowledge.